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Silent Auction Headquarters

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Online Donation Form

The PREFERRED method of submitting Donation Item Info this year! Click here and follow the notes! 

Solicitation Progress

Updated List of Past and Potential Donors. See which ones have been contacted and which we still need to secure! Add your name to let others know you have or will contact one of these listed. Got a new idea? Add it at the bottom of the form!

Current Status of Auction Items
Take a peek to see what's already been donated and entered into our Auction spreadsheet! This automatically refreshes after we record the information from a Donation Form so it's up-to-date in real time! Added bonus, if you misplace your item number, you can quickly find it here!

  • See the Item Catalog here. (Not active yet.)

  • See the Gift Card Catalog here. (Not active yet.)

I'm looking for FORMS, please!

Auction Forms

These forms were emailed to all in August but they're also here in case you need them.

  • Member Solicitation Guidelines - Info on how the process works.

  • Donor Letter - Introduces us to a possible donor. Contains information about ourselves, our web address and our IRS determination info.

  • IRS Determination Letter - Issued by the IRS to prove we're legit!

  • Donation Form - Information on what's being donated; details for our records. 

Online Donation Form

The PREFERRED method of submitting Donation Info this year! Click here and follow the notes! 

Other Forms You May Want
  • Military Member Enrollment Form - What if a neighbor asks you how they can enroll their family member? Give them a form!

    • (Can be filled out electronically from our Home Page and the "What We Do" tab of the website.)

  • Flag Kit Order Form - Neighbor sees your flag and asks where to get one. Give them a form!

    • (Also available on the "Flag FAQ" tab of the website.)

  • SOT Membership Form - Robson resident asks you how to join SOT. Give them a form!

    • (Also available on the home page of our website.)

How Can I Help?!

Sign up sheets will be available soon! In the meantime, consider how you'd like to Support Our Troops!


  1. Coordinate item or monetary donations from your neighborhood, club or group! Maybe ask them for Wine Pull donations. ($20 bottle minimum.)

  2. Sell raffle tickets! This usually involves bringing along a money jar and tickets to a club meeting or to a fun event like Bocce, Pickleball, Game Night, etc.

Set Up Day: Nov 10

  1. Transport Team: Requirements: Truck/SUV and/or Muscles. This team is available to pick up large items on Set Up Day and help deliver to winners on Check Out Day if necessary. Team is usually available to help the big winners carry their loot to their cars, too!

  2. Item Receiving Team: Receive and verify items as they arrive. Verify item number and apply tags. Provide items and bid sheets to Staging.

  3. Donation Table Staging Team: Artful placement and creative problem solving.  (Ex: oddly shaped items, those that don’t fit on tables and the challenge of limited table space.)

  4. Decorating Team: (See description below!)

Auction Day: Nov 11

  1. Veterans Park Ceremony Team: Starts at 8:00am - Requirements: Truck/SUV and/or Muscles -- 48 Chair pick up, put out and return to/from Veterans Park.

  2. Silent Auction Command Table Staff:  Complete collection and logging of last-minute donations; direct bidders; answer questions; sell raffle tickets; receive payment for instant items and other duties as needed.

  3. Auction Monitoring Team:  Monitor auction area; assist patrons; make small talk with patrons drawing attention to items; check for bid sheet errors; other duties as needed.

  4. Wine Pull Team: (See description below!)

  5. Buy A Box Team: (See description below!)

  6. Checkpoint Challenge Team: (See description below!)

  7. Auction Shutdown Transport Team: Volunteers use the rolling tables to transport auction items to the Medina room.

  8. Auction Shutdown Medina Room Organizing Team: Volunteers follow Roger and Nancy’s direction to organize the room for Check Out Day

Check Out Day: Nov 12 (aka "Distribution Day") 8 AM - 2 PM

  1. Notifying Team: New changes this year! (See description below!)

  2. Cashier Team: Collect payment from the winning bidders; provide receipts

  3. Winning Items Distribution Team:  Volunteers gather items from the tables and give them to verifiers who check the items against the receipts.

  • We added 30 new positions last year so we need all hands on deck! Think about your skillset and how best to use it here!

  • All the positions involve interacting with others so enjoy the company!

  • Look over this copy of the Sign Up Sheet to see where we stand.

  • There are brief descriptions of each job with icons representing which are mostly sitting or which are mostly standing.

  • You can't edit this sheet BUT contact Margaret if you'd like to put your name down. We'll have these sheets out at the next meeting, too.

  • (Note that I've removed most of the contact information. Those left have given permission.)

Newest Positions!

In a Silent Auction, participants have to wait until the end to see if they won anything. It's effective but passive. We've added 3 new money-makers that will provide an immediate "reward" which gives a boost of "life" to our event. (And, of course, more money!)​

Wine Pull - Who doesn't love a Win/Win opportunity?! Pay a minimum of $20 and chose a mystery bottle of <donated> wine valued at $20 or MORE!​

Decorating Team - BEFORE THE AUCTION BEGINS, we'll need to do some set up and that's where the Decorating Team steps in. There are jobs within this team for mostly sitting (like wine bottle wrapping) and mostly standing (like setting up the Buy a Box Booth.)


Note: This is separate from the "Donation Staging Team" where the items are artfully arranged.

Buy A Box Booth - Act as SOT Ambassadors! Tell what we do! Answer questions! Patrons have an option to contribute or to cover the total cost of 1 shipping box. They are given a thank you note/receipt to take to the Command Table for payment.

Checkpoint Challenge - Raffle Income Booster! Raffle is 1 ticket = $5 or 5 tickets = $20. "How would you like an opportunity to get 5 tickets for $5?" Patrons will play Blackjack against an SOT Volunteer Dealer! The Catch: Patrons are not dealt cards. Instead, they will be shooting Nerf Gun Suction Darts at a framed display of cards! ​​

Notifying Team:  Elevated Responsibility This Year! This was a logistical nightmare last year so we're attempting a new approach. Here's a first draft of the new process:

  • You'll be given a list of about 10 Auction Winners. They will be YOUR PEOPLE until they have paid for and received their items.

  • Once you receive your list, you will TEXT and possibly call winners. We have to be out of the Medina Bandara room by 2 PM so we’ll have to start early (8 AM). Calling that early is not socially acceptable but texting is. MUST be comfortable with texting.

  • Script provided so all details are included.

  • You'll stay until Your People have paid and picked up their winnings. Feel free to leave as soon as Your People are taken care of!

  • If Your People can't pick up their winnings, you'll take the items home and make arrangements with them to pick them up at a time that works for both of you.

But Exactly How Do They Work?

  • Each job is relatively simple and each is as fun as you make it

  • There are no solo jobs so you'll always have company to enjoy!

  • Each requires your input to 1) make it better for next year or 2) help us decide if we want to continue it.

Learn More:

Click on a Guide below to see how things work. Like anything, it's simple once you do it! We'll have a fun Training Night (date TBD) to get some hands on experience and work out the kinks! 

Set Up Day, Nov 10
Auction Day, Nov 11
Distribution Day, Nov 12
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