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Silent Auction Headquarters

Solicitation Progress

Updated List of Last Year's Donors. See which ones have been contacted and which we still need to secure! If the name is scratched out, it means someone has assumed the responsibility to contact them again this year. If YOU have a connection to any of the others, let Margaret know if you plan to contact them and we'll keep the list updated.

Current Status of Auction Items
Take a peek to see what's already been donated and entered into our Auction spreadsheet! This automatically refreshes after we record the information from a Donation Form so it's up-to-date in real time! Added bonus, if you misplace your item number, you can quickly find it here!

I Need Auction Forms!

Auction Forms

These forms were emailed to all in August but they're also here in case you need them.

How Can I Help?!

  • We've added 30 new positions this year so we need all hands on deck! Think about your skillset and how best to use it here!

  • Every position has a partner so enjoy the company!

  • Look over this copy of the Sign Up Sheet to see where we stand.

  • There are brief descriptions of each job with icons representing which are mostly sitting or which are mostly standing.

  • You can't edit this sheet BUT contact Margaret if you'd like to put your name down. We'll have these sheets out at the next meeting, too.

  • (Note that I've removed most of the contact information. Those left have given permission.)

Note: sometimes the formatting is a little off when you publish a document straight to the web so no judgement please!  It updates automatically from my working document thus keeping YOU informed with no added work for me! 

I Need More Info On Our New Additions.

In a Silent Auction, participants have to wait until the end to see if they won anything. It's effective but passive. We've added 3 new money-makers that will provide an immediate "reward" which gives a boost of "life" to our event. (And, of course, more money!)

  • Buy A Box Booth - We've offered this opportunity to patrons in the past but this year, they can contribute to the cost of a box as well as purchase a whole box. We're also turning this into an "SOT Information Booth" of sorts as it will also show off all the things we do!

  • Wine Pull - Who doesn't love a Win/Win opportunity?! Pay a minimum of $20 and chose a mystery bottle of <donated> wine valued at $20 or MORE!

  • Checkpoint Challenge - Raffle Income Booster! Raffle is 1 ticket = $5 or 5 tickets = $20. "How would you like an opportunity to get 5 tickets for $5?" Patrons will play Blackjack against an SOT Volunteer Dealer! The Catch: Patrons are not dealt cards. Instead, they will be shooting Nerf Gun Suction Darts at a framed display of cards! 

  • Decorating Team - BEFORE THE AUCTION BEGINS, we'll need to do some set up and that's where the new Decorating Team steps in. (Note: This is separate from the "Donation Staging Team" where the items are artfully arranged.) There are jobs within this team for mostly sitting (like wine bottle wrapping) and mostly standing (like setting up the Buy a Box Booth.)

But Exactly How Do They Work?

  • Each job is relatively simple and each is as fun as you make it

  • There are no solo jobs so you'll always have company to enjoy!

  • Each requires your input to 1) make it better for next year or 2) help us decide if we want to continue it.

Learn More:

Click on a Guide below to see how things work. Like anything, it's simple once you do it! We'll have a fun Training Night (date TBD) to get some hands on experience and work out the kinks! 

Set Up Day, Nov 10
Auction Day, Nov 11
Distribution Day, Nov 12
Other Forms You May Want
  • Military Member Enrollment Form - What if a neighbor asks you how they can enroll their family member? Give them a form! (Can be filled out electronically from our Home Page and the "What We Do" tab of the website.)

  • Flag Kit Order Form - Neighbor sees your flag and asks where to get one. Give them a form! (Also available on the "Flag FAQ" tab of the website.)

  • SOT Membership Form - Robson resident asks you how to join SOT. Give them a form! (Also available on the home page of our website.)

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